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Training in the time of Covid

March 25, 2020

Lockdown, most certainly, wasn’t a word we used to know, or even understand.  With the sudden closing of our training centres, schools and universities all over the world, the question remained if training came to a halt?

We at the Hermanus Self-Improvement Centre, being a local physical attend training centre, certainly felt the effects of closing down.  The first few weeks, as I am sure most of us did, seems to give us time to breathe and regroup.  But then as lockdown were extended, a very interesting challenge faced educational institutes – the online world!

I truly was amazed at the resourcefulness, connections and speed of adaption learners seems to embrace.  We literally went from mostly attend to fully online, and what would have taken us close to 5 years to achieve, happened in the aspect of two months – what an achivement!  Teachers and professors alike very quickly had to learn how to Zoom (with a few very funny results), and what could have been totally disastrous for the education system, has transformed into a new way of thinking, doing and learning. Training centres were forced to think outside the box, and the creativity of teachers astonished.

We certainly have a long way to go to get our whole country aboard this new way of learning, but one thing I know for sure is that online teaching and learning is here to stay.  And that may be not a bad thing at all.
Blessings to all the students and teachers out there – may we all go from strength to strength.

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