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WELCOME! I am so excited that you are here, and I really look forward to teaching you everything I can!

In this course you will learn the skills needed to be a great Receptionist, Shop Assistant or basically any person working directly with customers.

Learn the skills today to become a FIVE STAR customer service specialist!

All the best and enjoy the course!

Karin de Bruin

This content is for Customer Care & Front Office Skills Workshop students only.

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Karin de Bruin Karin de Bruin Author

Let’s Get Started

Hygiene, Healthcare & Safety

Let’s Talk About You

How To Be A Good Receptionist

Front Office Skills

Serving Tea & Coffee to Guests

Business Etiquette

Introductions & Forms of Address

Customer Service Skills

Angry & Difficult Customers

Body Language

Telephone Skills

Communication Skills

Listening Skills

Time For Exams